Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just found this photo saved on my desktop.

Last summer I got the inspiration to make what I called "bunchy bags." They were awesome! The sides were, you guessed it, sort of bunchy, gathered and tied at the top. They were super roomy - but didn't look it, because the gathering sort of disguised that.

I think I made exactly 4 of them. All of which sold very quickly, which tells me several things... There are others who thought they were awesome too. I so need to make more of them. And that I need to look through my old files more often for inspiration!

They will be in the shop soon!

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The Pittsburgh Hites said...

Hey Lisa,
I never got to tell you that I LOVE my wallet that came with my bag! I don't use it as a wallet though, since goodness knows I have the HUGE mommy wallet, and never go anywhere without my kids it seems, so I use mine as a Business Card Holder!! I love pulling it out and pulling a card out of it! It's so much cooler than just my regular case I used to use!! Just wanted to tell ya, you could def. market them that way!!! It is the PERFECT size and I can always find it in my purse!!